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Here at Himalayan Restaurant, we are about more then just our food. We want to create an experience for you that is so authentic that you’ll feel as if you just walked out of Nepal and India, all while remaining in the streets of Hastings (our one and only location)!

From the moment you enter our Himalayan Restaurant, you have begun your limitless South-East journey with added class. The vibrant atmosphere, the ambience, the aroma, the elegant textures and the friendly staff overwhelms the senses in a manner making you feel warm and fuzzy inside, filled with intrigue.

Located in the heart of the town in High Street Hastings, Himalayan Indian and Nepalese Restaurant is the talk of the town, helped by world class cooks with a combined experience of 40+ years among our Head Curry and Tandoori (Lal Prasad Kandel and Suraj Kandel) chefs who have cooked our cuisine in Nepal, Indian, Japan and Hong Kong. The flavours, the presentation, the variety, combined with fresh and locally sourced ingredients make for an unrestricted, refined and authentic experience.

At Himalayan, we aim to show the world what can be done with South-East Asian flavours in a contemporary setting. We bring a new and fresh approach to South-East Asian cuisine earning us the respect and love of those who decide to indulge and escape to the flavours of South-East Asia.

Contact Info
2/105 High Street, Hastings, Vic 3915
Phone: 03 5979 2224
Mobile: 0424 194 882
Email: [email protected] 

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Opening Hours
Tue - Sun 
5:00pm to 10:00pm

Thur, Fri 12:00pm to 2:00pm
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